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If I could DD again

Mon Dec 12, 2016, 1:18 PM
Snowwhite and the Seven Deadly Sins by Fealasy
Hanabi by kyzylhum
clap if you believe in zombies by apterus
Mac's Eats by Balaskas
Tip of the Spear by TheMichaelMacRae
Antonio Caparo Cosmic Leap by ajcaparo
PURPLE by DangMyLinh
glamorous Poseidon by kumpan

Thankfully, the Digital Art gallery is in the hands of a highly capable person.

With the injection of Wix's resources, I want DA to improve... 

4 deviants said The Core Membership program
3 deviants said The Language Localization Labrador
2 deviants said The Identity Representation Profiler
1 deviant said The Portfolio service
1 deviant said The Zeta Max Gluon Combobulator
1 deviant said The Shades Of Green Spectrum Matrix
1 deviant said The Überdimensional Heliospacial Ultrabombator
No deviants said The Torpedo Grid Deployment Terminator
No deviants said The Protomatic Hyperload Multistreamer
No deviants said The Esoproxic Holo#§"&$("!)!)))nator


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Here's an article that has some actual information about Wix's acquisition of DA, since DA's own announcement is devoid thereof.…
It only now occurred to me that it's sadly hilarious that DA went through this massive re-brand campaign into last year and quieted down since then after the lay-off waves.

It feels like it's been bleeding more than it's been breeding.

I can only hope that someone at HQ is reading this thinking 'Hah, this ever pessimistic douchebag has no clue what's in store!'.

But I don't. I just hope it won't go away. DA is still the art HQ of the web, even if nothing big has happened in too long.

The "White Christmas" episode from Black Mirror is a technological nightmare unlike any I've ever seen, be it real or fictional.

Imagine blocking or being blocked by other people... in actual real life.
Imagine having a digital copy of your mind for use as an A.I. for trivial purposes such as smart home controls.
Now Imagine being that, thinking you're you while trapped inside a virtual construct forever with nothing to do except perform mundane tasks.

The people who wrote this episode are brilliantly fucked in the head. The futuristic concepts they portray based on how we use our technological advances feel like they are absolutely attainable and just years away from being real.

I have the strong impression that some people think that Eleven/El/011 from Stranger Things is a boy.

Source: Browsing fanart


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Thank you so much for the fav :)
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hey, I noticed your big donation to neiio, and I was wondering if you can send me a few points? I don't want to sound winey, but I want to commission a few people, and I need points badly ovo
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Because Olivers are remarkable.
fritsenator Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
Just added you to the blog, buddy. I didn't know your new username. 

Also, how's things?! I've got a new skype: fritsvandersloot. Feel free to add me!
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Talented!  :)
JoeSlucher Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave Oliver!
thespook Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2016
Hey mang, hows things?

Nadia says hello :)
MidnightExigent Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey Nick. Things are generally good. Mostly work, school and video games. =p
Give Nadia a hug from me. :)
thespook Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2016
I'll pass it on, I'm actually still in Australia at the moment :peace:

What are you studying? :)
Hey I just saw a journal from someone saying that the admins have been banning people who've done sexual roleplays through the notes.  Is that true?  Just thought I'd ask one of you that works on here for the truth.  And it was this dovahthedragonborn.deviantart.… journal.
TheRyanFord Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2015  Professional Interface Designer
From what I heard, the issue is that you did it all through notes.
The admins prefer when you do these types of things out in the open. It keeps people more "honest," I guess. That's why, according to what I think I just read, the admins want you to do it in the comments section on their profile pages. You and whomever you're RPing with can talk about your stories and ideas, etc, and the admins can more easily monitor for illegal activity (like underaged stuff, which is a big no-no).

Hope that helps!
Well I never do anything that's underage.  I don't support or do anything that's underaged.  And if someone asks me to do something that is underaged?  I tell them no and block them because I don't want to do anything that's underaged.
MidnightExigent Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I don't know and I don't care because I don't work here anymore. Sexual roleplay is against the policies, however, so you can probably get banned for it at some point if taken too far or getting caught too often, even more so if someone's a minor.

Make art and sex-rp somewhere else.
Alright.  Sorry.  And I don't take it too far.
King-Mob Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2015
He's just messing with you. TheRyanFord is actually correct. So it's preferable to just write it in comments on realitysquared's page or another admin, like spyed.
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RhynWilliams Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015   General Artist
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